Sierra and Earl

S_E_1-Edit.jpg, originally uploaded by _Adam H.

Had a great shoot at the super secret “Project DIamond” house. S&E were great subjects and we all made some great photographs together.

I picked up several rolls of Fuji Superia on the cheap a little while ago and have been stingily whittling away exposures on my old 35mm film equipment. Inevitably there will be a few shots out of the 24 exposures that I love, vs. finding 12 keepers for every 100 digital pics I take. It’s hard to slow yourself down when shooting digital. I’m like one of those rat that keeps hitting the shiny-red-instant-gratification-button. I wanted to see my pictures as soon as I clicked the shutter, and sacrificed those moments that you take setting up a shot when you use film, it’s a pity.
Canon software request for the 5Dmark3, build in a feature that locks out your LCD until your shoot is over.


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